If you remove large numbers of branches from fruit trees, plan on some summer pruning this year. Taking out large waterspouts in the summer usually means they will not come back as vigorously next spring.

Fertilize grapes lightly. Too much fertilizer makes them go to vine at the expense of fruit production.

Grapes often bleed after pruning. If you do not want to see them bleed, go in the house. The bleeding does not hurt the plants.

For a list of hardy grapes for northern Utah and more pictures on grape pruning, check my Web site at www.larrrysagers.com. It also contains a chart on fertilizing fruit trees.

The Utah State University Extension Serivce and Davis County Master Gardeners are sponsoring a free fruit-tree pruining demonstration Saturday at 56 E. 2050 North, Centerville. Wade Bitner, USU Extension horticulturist, will demonstrate apple pruning at 9 a.m. and peach pruning at 10:30 a.m. For more information, call 451-3403.