SANTA FE, N.M. (AP) — Buckle up, Bowser. Fasten your belt, Fluffy. Santa Fe is considering whether to make dogs and cats wear seat belts in the car.

An ordinance endorsed Tuesday by a City Council committee would require any animal in a vehicle to be restrained so it doesn't fall out. An animal in a truck bed would have to be crated or restrained.

Local pet stores already stock devices to restrain animals in vehicles, although managers said they don't sell many.

A "pet safety sitter," which sells for up to $21, has a strap that goes across a dog's chest, and a $27 "pickup tie-out" attaches to a collar so a dog can't jump out of a truck bed. There's even a little booster seat so a dog can see out of the window, with an attachment to keep the animal from jumping around.

Some other U.S. communities already have similar rules, the anti-abuse group American Humane said.

The proposed ordinance would also require leashes for dogs and cats on public property.