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BUS 174 — ** 1/2 — A flawed but fascinating documentary about a Brazilian hostage incident. Complete review on Page W5. Running time: 118 minutes. Portuguese, with subtitles. Not rated, probable R (profanity, violence, drugs, vulgarity, brief nudity).

THE DREAMERS — ** — Veteran director Bernardo Bertolucci's latest is handsome-looking but scattershot. Complete review on Page W5. Running time: 116 minutes. French, with subtitles. NC-17 (nudity, sex, vulgarity, drug use, profanity, violence).

HIDALGO — ** — This supposedly true horse-racing adventure film is hobbled by star Viggo Mortensen. Complete review on Page W4. Running time: 136 minutes. PG-13 (violence, vulgarity, brief gore, mild profanity, racial epithets, brief torture, brief drugs).

STARSKY & HUTCH — *** — Stars Ben Stiller and Owen Wilson make this tongue-in-cheek movie version of the '70s TV show work. Complete review on Page W4. Running time: 97 minutes. PG-13 (violence, drug use, profanity, vulgarity, brief partial nudity, racial epithets).


RAIDERS OF THE LOST ARK — **** — The first and best of the three Indiana Jones films is a nearly non-stop thrill-ride. Running time: 115 minutes. PG (violence, profanity, brief gore).

WILLY WONKA AND THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY — *** — Gene Wilder's eccentric performance as the title character is the highlight of this dark, uneven musical comedy. Running time: 98 minutes. G (slapstick violence, vulgarity).


ADRENALINE RUSH: THE SCIENCE OF RISK — ** 1/2 — This adventure can't decide if it's a documentary or an "extreme-sports" travelog. Large-screen format. Running time: 40 minutes. Not rated, probable G (nothing offensive). — Ivan M. Lincoln

BEAVERS — *** 1/2 — Documentary timed to be just long enough for most youngsters' brief attention spans. Large-screen format. Running time: 40 minutes. Not rated, probable G (nothing offensive). — Ivan M. Lincoln

BUGS! 3D — *** — British-made documentary about insects with plenty of "wow" moments. Large-screen format. Running time: 40 minutes. Not rated, probable G (violence).

GHOSTS OF THE ABYSS — *** 1/2 — James Cameron and crew search the Titanic wreckage. Large-screen format. Running time: 60 minutes. G (mild profanity).

MYSTERY OF THE MAYA — This 1995 documentary looks at the ancient Central American civilization. Large-screen format. Running time: 40 minutes. Not rated, probable PG (violent images, partial nudity).

SHACKLETON'S ANTARCTIC ADVENTURE — *** 1/2 — Exploration of Ernest Shackleton's treacherous Antarctic expedition. Running time: 40 minutes. Large-screen format. Not rated, probable G (nothing offensive). — Diane Urbani

S.O.S. PLANET — Walter Cronkite narrates this "Earth-First" documentary blending 3-D animation and live-action photography. Large-screen format. Running time: 40 minutes. Not rated, probable G (nothing offensive).

SPACE STATION 3-D — **** — Tom Cruise narrates, but the real stars of this breathtaking 3-D film are the International Space Station crew. Large-screen format. Running time: 47 minutes. Not rated, probable G (nothing offensive). — Ivan M. Lincoln

WORKS FROM ALONG THE WASATCH FRONT — Local filmmakers screen short films and videos. Not rated, probable PG-13 (violence, vulgarity, profanity). (Salt Lake Art Center, tonight, 8 p.m.)


21 GRAMS — ** 1/2 — The cast of this drama is great (especially Benicio Del Toro) but the storytelling is too gimmicky. Running time: 125 minutes. R (violence, profanity, gore, nudity, brief sex, brief drugs, vulgarity).

50 FIRST DATES — ** 1/2 — "The Wedding Singer" stars Adam Sandler and Drew Barrymore re-team for this sweet but crude romantic comedy. Running time: 96 minutes. PG-13 (vulgarity, violence, profanity, drugs, brief sex).

AGAINST THE ROPES — * — Meg Ryan is terrible in this drama as a real-life female boxing promoter. Running time: 111 minutes. PG-13 (violence, profanity, vulgarity, brief drugs).

ALONG CAME POLLY — ** — This too-crude romantic comedy wastes Ben Stiller's talents. Running time: 90 minutes. PG-13 (vulgarity, sex, profanity, slapstick violence, brief nudity, brief drugs).

BAD SANTA — *** — Dark, offensive, but funny, comedy starring Billy Bob Thornton. Running time: 93 minutes. R (profanity, vulgarity, violence, sex, nude artwork).

THE BARBARIAN INVASIONS — *** 1/2 — This witty, Oscar-winning (Best Foreign Film) comedy-drama follows a dying hedonist. Running time: 99 minutes. French, with subtitles. R (profanity, drug use, vulgarity).

BARBERSHOP 2: BACK IN BUSINESS — *** — Ice Cube is back in this funny sequel to the 2002 hit. Running time: 98 minutes. PG-13 (profanity, vulgarity, brief drugs). — David Germain, Associated Press

THE BEST TWO YEARS — *** — KC Clyde and Kirby Heyborne are LDS missionaries in this surprisingly warm and funny comedy-drama. Running time: 108 minutes. PG (vulgarity, violence).

BIG FISH — **** — Director Tim Burton bounces back with this charming fantasy about a father-and-son relationship. Running time: 110 minutes. PG-13 (violence, profanity, vulgarity, brief nudity, brief sex).

BROKEN LIZARD'S CLUB DREAD — *** — The "Super Troopers" folks return with this violent but amusing horror-comedy about a killer on the loose at a tropical resort. Running time: 103 minutes. R (violence, profanity, gore, vulgarity, drug use, nudity, sex).

BROTHER BEAR — ** 1/2 — Voice performers Rick Moranis and Dave Thomas steal the show as wisecracking moose. Running time: 85 minutes. G (animated violence, vulgarity).

THE BUTTERFLY EFFECT — * 1/2 — Ashton Kutcher is unintentionally funny in this depressing sci-fi thriller. Running time: 113 minutes. R (violence, profanity, vulgarity, sex, gore, nudity, drug use, racial epithets).

CATCH THAT KID — * 1/2 — This caper comedy about bank-robbing preteens is criminally unfunny. Running time: 92 minutes. PG (violence, vulgarity, profanity).

CHASING LIBERTY — ** — Mandy Moore stars as a runaway First Daughter in this lackluster comedy. Running time: 111 minutes. PG-13 (profanity, vulgarity, violence, nude photos).

CHEAPER BY THE DOZEN — * 1/2 — Steve Martin and Bonnie Hunt struggle in vain to retain their dignity in this charmless slapstick comedy. Running time: 99 minutes. PG (slapstick violence, vulgarity).

COLD MOUNTAIN — ** 1/2 — The supporting cast (especially Oscar winner Rene Zellweger) steals the show in this overlong, aloof Civil War drama. Running time: 155 minutes. R (violence, gore, profanity, nudity, sex, vulgarity, brief drugs, torture, racial epithets).

CONFESSIONS OF A TEENAGE DRAMA QUEEN — ** — Lindsay Lohan stars as a spoiled teen in this limp comedy, based on the best-selling pre-teen novel. Running time: 86 minutes. PG (slapstick violence, mild vulgarity).

DIRTY DANCING: HAVANA NIGHTS — ** — Patrick Swayze's cameo is the highlight of this lackluster prequel about a young American who learns to dance in Cuba. Running time: 87 minutes. PG-13 (vulgarity, violence, brief sex, profanity, racial epithets).

ELF — *** — Will Ferrell charms as a man brought up at the North Pole. Running time: 95 minutes. PG (slapstick violence, vulgarity).

EUROTRIP — ** — The raunchiness outweighs the laughs in this comedy about a teen trying to find his European pen pal. Running time: 93 minutes. R (vulgarity, nudity, profanity, sex, violence, drugs, torture, racial epithets).

THE FOG OF WAR: ELEVEN LESSONS FROM THE LIFE OF ROBERT S. MCNAMARA — **** — Errol Morris's fascinating, Oscar-winning documentary profiles McNamara, a former U.S. Secretary of Defense. Running time: 107 minutes. PG-13 (violence, profanity).

GOTHIKA — ** 1/2 — Halle Berry stars in this silly supernatural thriller. Running time: 98 minutes. R (violence, profanity, nudity). — David Germain, Associated Press

THE HAUNTED MANSION — ** — The production design is the star of this lifeless live-action comedy. Running time: 98 minutes. PG (slapstick violence, profanity, vulgarity).

HONEY — * — Jessica Alba tries to smile her way through this laughably awful dance drama. Running time: 95 minutes. PG-13 (profanity, vulgarity, violence, brief drugs).

IN AMERICA — *** 1/2 — Director Jim Sheridan's terrific semi-autobiographical drama eschews sentiment. Running time: 103 minutes. PG-13 (profanity, brief sex, violence, brief drugs).

THE LAST SAMURAI — ** 1/2 — Tom Cruise looks too modern in this "Dances With Dragons" period drama. Running time: 145 minutes. R (violence, gore, profanity, racial epithets, nude artwork).

THE LORD OF THE RINGS: THE RETURN OF THE KING — *** 1/2 — Peter Jackson's multiple-Oscar-winner finale to the fantasy trilogy is enthralling. Running time: 218 minutes. PG-13 (violence, gore).

LOST IN TRANSLATION — *** 1/2 — Bill Murray is at his best in Sofia Coppola's subtle tone poem (winner of a best original screenplay Oscar). Running time: 105 minutes. R (vulgarity, brief nudity, brief sex).

LOVE DON'T CO$T A THING — * 1/2 — Of all the teen comedies released during the 1980s, was "Can't Buy Me Love" begging to be remade? Running time: 100 minutes. PG-13 (vulgarity, sex). — Christy Lemire, Associated Press

MASTER AND COMMANDER: THE FAR SIDE OF THE WORLD — *** 1/2 — Director Peter Weir's rousing sea adventure stars Russell Crowe. Running time: 138 minutes. PG-13 (violence, gore, profanity).

MIRACLE — *** 1/2 — Kurt Russell stars in this exciting sports drama about the 1980 Miracle on Ice. Running time: 135 minutes. PG (violence, vulgarity, profanity).

MONA LISA SMILE — * 1/2 — Julia Roberts and her co-stars can't save this manipulative drama. Running time: 116 minutes. PG-13 (vulgarity, profanity, nude artwork, brief drugs, ethnic slurs).

MONSTER — *** — Oscar winner Charlize Theron is excellent as serial killer Aileen Wuornos. Running time: 111 minutes. R (profanity, violence, vulgarity, sex, gore, rape, brief nudity, racial epithets).

MYSTIC RIVER — ** 1/2 — Clint Eastwood directed Sean Penn and Tim Robbins' Oscar-winning performances in this emotionally aloof adaptation of the best-seller. Running time: 137 minutes. R (profanity, violence, vulgarity, brief gore, brief sex).

THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST — ** — Mel Gibson's controversial biblical drama about the final 12 hours of Jesus (Jim Caviezel) is too graphically violent to be effective. Latin, Aramaic and Hebrew, with subtitles. Running time: 127 minutes. R (violence, gore, torture, mild profanity, vulgarity).

PAYCHECK — * — Ben Affleck and director John Woo hit new lows. Running time: 119 minutes. PG-13 (violence, profanity, brief gore).

PETER PAN — ** 1/2 — The production design is the real star of this somewhat violent live-action fantasy/adventure. Running time: 105 minutes. PG (profanity, vulgarity).

PRIDE & PREJUDICE — ** 1/2 — This LDS-specific version of Jane Austen's tale is cuter than it is funny. Running time: 103 minutes. PG (slapstick violence, mild vulgarity).

THE SCHOOL OF ROCK — *** 1/2 — Jack Black is hilarious in this surprisingly warm comedy. Running time: 108 minutes. PG-13 (profanity, vulgarity, brief drugs, slapstick violence).

SOMETHING'S GOTTA GIVE — *** — Diane Keaton shines as a woman torn between two suitors. Running time: 125 minutes. PG-13 (profanity, vulgarity, sex, brief nudity).

STUCK ON YOU — *** — Matt Damon and Greg Kinnear star as feuding conjoined twins in this goofy but sweet comedy. Running time: 118 minutes. PG-13 (vulgarity, profanity, slapstick violence, brief sex).

TOUCHING THE VOID — *** 1/2 — This gripping docudrama tells the true story of two mountaineers who miraculously survived a treacherous 1985 ascent in the Andes. Running time: 106 minutes. Not rated, probable R (profanity, vulgarity, violence, brief drugs).

THE TRIPLETS OF BELLEVILLE — *** 1/2 — This quirky but appealing animated adventure from France may remind some of early silent comedies. Running time: 77 minutes. PG-13 (violence, vulgarity, brief nudity).

TWISTED — ** — This erotic thriller is another episode in what is fast becoming a film series: "Ashley Judd in Distress." Running time: 97 minutes. R (violence, sex, profanity, nudity). — Bill Muller, Arizona Republic

WELCOME TO MOOSEPORT — ** — Ray Romano and Gene Hackman star in this limp comedy that pits a hardware-store owner against a former U.S. president. Running time: 111 minutes. PG-13 (vulgarity, profanity, slapstick violence, brief nudity).

WIN A DATE WITH TAD HAMILTON! — *** — There's some charm to this familiar tale about a girl who dates a Hollywood star. Running time: 95 minutes. PG-13 (vulgarity, profanity, brief drugs).

YOU GOT SERVED — * 1/2 — The break-dancing scenes are the only highlight of this silly urban drama. Running time: 94 minutes. PG-13 (violence, profanity, vulgarity, drugs).