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Film causes discomfort

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I hesitate to write about Mel Gibson's "The Passion of the Christ." I have not yet seen it. My wife wants to see the film on the big screen. I do not. I would rather wait until it is formatted for my television screen.

I really suspect I do not want to view this film — not because of the hideous beatings and torturous death of Jesus Christ — but because it most probably will make me come face to face with my life, in which I must admit, again, I really am a sinner; that because of me, Christ died.

I am a moderate, modern, comfortable Christian. To be forced to look at the bloodshed I have personally caused is not something I want to do. It makes me vulnerable. Which, I suspect, is the whole point of this motion picture. Christ wants me to see that this life is not about me; rather, it is about Christ and me.

William E. Morgan Jr.