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You gotta love Love Day

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John Lennon was wrong. Love isn't all you need. It can, however, be a plus in personal, national and international relationships.

So when Mayor Rocky Anderson signed a proclamation declaring May 1 "Global Love Day" in Utah, what wasn't to love? If it was another "message" move, it at least delivered a message everyone can endorse. (Except, perhaps, the folks in Mendon who still celebrate May Day on May 1.)

Still, as editors, however, we can't resist the temptation to tinker with the wording. We admire the mayor's ambitious nature, but "global" may be over-reaching a bit, even for him. We'd blue-pencil the word "global" and write "Local Love Day" instead.

Sending one's heart out to the good people of Glasgow is a noble thing to do.

Being kind to that Lakers' fan sitting next to you at the game is a task worthy of Hercules.

And from all reports the "love" in "Global Love Day" starts with "self-love." The proclamation claims "love begins with self-acceptance."

From our point of view, there is already a lot of self-love going around. In fact, there seems to be an epidemic.

We prefer the idea of "self-sacrifice" better. Shakespeare said, "Love thyself last." We agree. And the motto among the knights of chivalry was "Serve all others, love but one."

We like that kind of thinking, too.

Author Kurt Vonnegut has said the 1960s tune got it wrong. What the world needs now is not love. What it needs is more common decency.

Instead of "Global Love Day," we'd like to see "Local Decency Day."

Except, perhaps, for the word "day." While we're on the 1960s, the hippies in California cobbled together an entire Summer of Love. Surely we're good for at least a week. It would take people almost that long just to recognize common decency and get the hang of it.

In the end, we applaud the idea of "Global Love Day." Like "The Lord of the Rings" it entails a grand vision. But like "Lord of the Rings," it pretty much exists in the imagination.

"Local Decency Week" would be a daunting challenge. Many people would only make it an hour or two.

But at least it's a goal that feels reachable.