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Abolish daylight time

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It is so beautiful to awake with the sun coming over the mountains early in the morning these days. But soon daylight-saving time will destroy this beautiful scene.

Golf course owners leave money on the table since they cater to the wrong groups. They cater to the group with less money versus the group with the most assets, the seniors. Getting up and going golfing early when you can see well and everything is beautiful in the crisp cool morning air is wonderful.

Times have changed.

Changing clocks is not the issue. Teachers suffer because the change in time comes before students are out of school and the teaching opportunities diminish in favor of sleep. Auto accidents and deaths increase. Farmers and ranchers have to face changes when animals do not change. Sleep problems increase. It is hard on the elderly. Nothing is saved. And all of this for less than 32 minutes of diminishing sunlight in the evening versus 32 minutes of increasing sunlight in the morning.

Daylight-saving time does not save anything and should be abolished.

Lowell A. Nelson