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Mother dies, father ill after a drug overdose

SHARE Mother dies, father ill after a drug overdose

Two parents overdosed on drugs at their Salt Lake apartment Wednesday night, leaving the mother dead and the father hospitalized in serious condition.

The parents used needles to shoot up drugs while the children were outside the second-story apartment, near 400 West and 500 North. Police do not know the specific type of drug injected. "Your first guess is heroin," Salt Lake Police Lt. John Cardona said.

The children, ages 7 and 8, returned to the apartment about 7 p.m. Their father, 40, was on the floor. The mother, 30, was yelling at the father, Cardona said.

Then the mother passed out and died. The father also passed out. "They were calling the dad almost dead at the scene," but medical workers used another narcotic on him and was revived. He was in serious condition at LDS Hospital, Cardona said.

Police find it unusual that both adults got sick from the drugs. "The first assumption is they got a bad batch. It doesn't happen like this all too often," Cardona said.

Police were called after the children, a boy and girl, ran to a neighbor's. Police briefly talked with the children. The investigation mostly will continue without them, Cardona said.

"The kids were traumatized, you could tell. We have certain restrictions against interviewing," Cardona said. "It was more about making sure they felt comfortable."

About 8 p.m., the children were seen inside a Salt Lake fire engine truck, talking with firefighters. Authorities did not immediately tell them their mother was dead. The state was expected to have custody of them temporarily .

"It was sad all the way around," Cardona said. "But it looks like they're probably going to get their dad back.