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Showing at local galleries

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Sandy Senior Center (9310 S. 1300 East, Sandy, 561-3265) — Exhibit by Sandy Watercolor Club, through April 23.

Union Gallery (200 S. Central Campus Drive, Olpin Union Building, University of Utah campus) — One-man show of Ryan S. Brown, through May 8. Artist reception Friday evening from 5:30-8:30.


Utah Artist Hands Gallery* (61 W. 100 South, 355-0206) — "Tanglewood: Expressions of Spring," featuring art by Stephanie Saint-Thomas, through June 14. Artist reception Friday evening from 6-9 during Gallery Stroll.


Gittins Gallery (department of art and art history, University of Utah) — Student Art Exhibition through May 7. Opening tonight from 6-8 with awards presentation at 7.


Art Access* (339 W. Pierpont, 328-0703) — "Still Collaborating — Brian Kershisnik and Joe Adams," featuring 20 paintings by the duo, through May 12. Artists reception tonight from 6-9 during Gallery Stroll.

Art Access II* (339 W. Pierpont, 328-0703) — "Mind the Gap," featuring 12 paintings by Joey Behrens, through May 12. Artist reception tonight from 6-9 during Gallery Stroll.

Art Barn/Finch Lane Gallery* (54 Finch Lane, 596-5000) — Paintings by Dana Costello and mixed media photography by K.C. Muscolino, through May 28. Artists reception tonight from 6-9 during Gallery Stroll.

Bountiful/Davis Art Center (745 S. Main, Bountiful, 292-0367) — "Visual Culture: A Collection of Works Inspired by Contemporary Culture," featuring art by high school seniors, through May 14. Reception and awards tonight at 7.

David Ericson Fine Art* (418 S. 200 West, 533-8245) — Recent paintings by Edie Roberson through May 15. Artist reception tonight from 6-9 during Gallery Stroll.

F. Weixler Gallery/The Stable Fine Arts* (132 E St., 1-801-534-1014) — "The Promise of Spring: Landscapes of the West," featuring art by Lance Turner, Linda Curley, Valoy Eaton, Harrison Groutage, Frank Huff, Earl Jones, Karl Thomas, Kimbal Warren and D.H. Rosenbaum, through May 15. Artists reception tonight from 6-9 during Gallery Stroll.

Main Street Gallery* (299 S. Main, 535-4660) — Scott Wallis will debut seven new European landscapes at the gallery.

New Visions Gallery* (400 South between State and Main, 474-2118) — Works by six artists of group "Second Sight" — Bevan Chipman, Bill Fulton, Carol Fulton, Kathryn Lindquist, Merritt Stites and Mary Tull — through May 19. Artists reception tonight from 6-9 during Gallery Stroll.

Phillips Gallery* (444 E. 200 South, 364-8284) — New work by Denis Phillips through May 14. Artist reception tonight from 6-9 during Gallery Stroll.


16th Street Gallery* (1299 E. 4500 South, 263-1460) — Artwork from select members of the Utah Watercolor Society and gallery regulars.

Abravanel Hall* (123 W. South Temple) — Dale Chihuly's "Olympic Tower" and art from the Salt Lake County Art Collection.

Alice Gallery* (617E. South Temple, 236-7555) — Paintings by Carole H. Evans and Shirley T. McKay through May 14.

Art Access* (339 W. Pierpont, 328-0703) — "Body Politics: An Artist's Journey in a Patriarchal Society," featuring nine oil paintings by Jonelle Evans, through April 13.

Art Access II* (339 W. Pierpont, 328-0703) — "Things Will Come Full Circle," featuring assemblages by Derek Mellus, through April 13.

Cherry Street Gallery (4790 S. Cherry St., 281-0075) — Photographs by Mark Walker Smith. Also, artwork by Ken Baxter, Dan Baxter, Ed Begay, Beso, Larry Christensen, Don Coy, Mike Fletcher, Steve Harvey, Jo Gilkey, Julie Jacobsen, Scott Ruston and Lee Anne Walker.

Children's Library (Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, 524-8200) — "Clayton Middle School: Personal Visions" through April 16.

Colombus Library (2530 S. 500 East, 944-7545) — "Exterior & Interior Landscapes: Photographs by Katie Ellefsen" through May 29.

Cynthia Oliver Glass Art Studio (1600 E. Stratford Ave.) — Glass artwork by Cathy Cartwright, Lea Erickson, Shari Higbee, Cynthia Oliver and Steve Walton.

David Ericson Fine Art* (418 S. 200 West, 533-8245) — Works by Randall Lake, Brian Kershisnik, Dennis Smith and early Utah art.

Distinctive African-American Art Gallery* (161 E. 300 South, 363-0745) — Colored pencil drawings and African-American-designed tribal masks by Erica Houston. Also, work by Synthia Saint James, Charles Bibbs and Rosalind McGary.

E Street Gallery* (82 E St., 359-2979) — "Paperworks," featuring art on recycled paper and corrugated cardboard by Christine A. Pezel, through April 15.

Gallery at Library Square (Main Library, 210 E. 400 South, 524-8200) — "Studies for an Unfinished World: New Works by Jacqui Biggs Larsen" and "Looking for Light in All the Right Places" by Alex Kravtsov through May 8.

Holladay Library (2150 E. 4730 South, 943-4636, Ext. 334) — Oils and watercolors by Ro Mae Shryers through April.

HORNE Fine Art* (142 E. 800 South, 533-4200) — West gallery: "Glorious Food," featuring still lifes, restaurant scenes and harvest scenes by such local artists as Nathan Barnes, Randall Lake, Ken Baxter, Phyllis F. Horne, Judith Mehr, Wilson Ong and more, through May 1. Peacock gallery: Works by Steve Larson, John Nyberg and Jamie Wayman.

Local Colors Artworks* (second floor at Trolley Square, next to Rodizio Grill) — "Faces, Places and Vases," featuring new works by Ed Napia, Shirley McKay, Sandi Olson and Dottie Miles, through April 12.

Main Street Gallery* (299 S. Main, 535-4660) — Original art by Kent Wallis, Scott Wallis, Eric Wallis, Cort Naumann and Sandy Rast. Exhibition ongoing.

Museum of Church History and Art (45 N. West Temple, 240-2299) — "Landscape and Life: The Rural Setting for the Latter-day Saints," featuring art of the Utah landscape between 1920-'50, through April 18. Also, "Boyd K. Packer: The Lifework of an Amateur Artist," featuring drawings and wood carvings by President Boyd K. Packer, through Sept. 6. Also, "Music and the Spoken Word: Celebrating 75 Years of Mormon Tabernacle Choir Radio Broadcasts" through Oct. 17. Also, "You Have a Family Tree," featuring interactive children's exhibit, through Feb. 5, 2006.

New Visions Gallery* (400 South between State and Main, 474-2118) — Sculpture by Jim Frazer and installation art by Maurice Clifford.

Old Mill II (6340 S. 3000 East, Suite 500) — Norman Rockwell exhibit, featuring 40 limited edition lithographs of pencil sketches originally commissioned by MassMutual during 1950-60.

Q Street Fine Crafts (82 N. Q St., 359-1899) — Crafts by Boris Bally, Thomas Mann, Josh Simpson, Alessi, James Stewart and Carla Jimison.

Rio Gallery* (310 S. Rio Grande, 355-3581) — "2004 Artist Grantee Exhibit," featuring work by Anna Campbell Bliss, David Linn, Paul Stout, Shawn Harris, John Hess, Amy Caron, Robert Carney and Dawn Marano, Phillip Bimstein, Scott Carrier and Joyce Cohen, through April 30.

Rose Wagner Art Gallery (138 W. 300 South) — Abstract paintings by Nanette Olson and landscapes by Shawn Rossiter, through April 30.

Ruth Tyler Library (8280 S. 75 West, Midvale, 278-0913) — Watercolor and prisma color by Bonnie Zinanti through April.

Salt Lake Art Center* (20 S. West Temple) — Main gallery: "Fast Forward: Growing Up in the Shadow of Hollywood," featuring 79 photographs by Lauren Greenfield, through May 30. Street Level gallery: "Crossroads — Mapping Salt Lake: A Teen Documentary" through May 16.

Southam Gallery* (50 E. Broadway, 322-0376) — Artwork by gallery artists.

Sweet Branch Library (455 F St.)— "Penobscot and Connemara: Works by Benjamin Jones" through May 8.

The Art Is In* (Crossroads Plaza, 50 S. Main) — Book illustrations by Leonard Filgate. Also art by Joe Triano, Ron Cheek, Willamarie Huelskamp, KVON, Mark Weiler and others.

The Stable Fine Arts (132 E St., 355-6872) — Portraiture by William Whitaker, Kamille Corry, landscapes by Linda Curley Christensen, sculpture by Blair Buswell.

Thin Air Design & Gallery (926 E. 900 South, 533-0234) — Art of South African Thabo Mzilikazi through April 15.

Tivoli Gallery* (255 S. State, 521-6288) — Original works by Joan White, Elva Malin, Ken Spencer, Carol Evans, Ian Ramsey, Ken Baxter, Dan Baxter, Stephen Hedgepeth, David Jackson, Ginna Lagergen, Richard Miles, Lynn Ridley, Martha Safra, Richard Van Wagner.

Utah Museum of Fine Arts* (University of Utah, South Campus Drive, 581-7332) — "The Art of the Santos: Traditional New Mexican Art in Contemporary Medium," featuring images produced by santos carvers in collaboration with printmakers from Tamarind Institute, through June 8. Also, "Edward Weston: Life Work," featuring a 100-image survey of Weston's five-decade career as a major American photographer, through today. Also, "The Utah Century: Art & Culture 1902-2002," featuring 17 paintings from the museum's collection of late modern abstractions and contemporary expressive, through April. Also, artwork from the museum's permanent collection continually on display.

Westminster College (1840 S. 1300 East, Giovale Library, 832-2680) — "Student Art Exhibit," featuring pottery, paintings, photographs and mixed media work by students, through Monday.

Whitmore Library (2197 E. 7000 South, 944-7533) — Paintings by Kenneth Rosvall through April. Also, photography by the Photographic Print Society, continuously.

Williams Fine Art* (Main Lobby, Eagle Gate Plaza, 60 E. South Temple, 534-0331) — Works by J.T. Harwood, H.L.A. Culmer, Maynard Dixon, Alfred Lambourne and recent works by contemporary artists.


Art in the Village (1100 W. 7800 South, Gardner Village, 255-8900) — Original paintings by Linda Curley, David Jackson, Bonnie Conrad, Colleen Howe, Sandra Rast, Debbie Broadhead, C. Rogers Atkinson, Elizabeth Stanley, Rebecca Blue and more. Also, sculpture by Stan Watts, Adam Reeder, Ed Spears, Shari Hamilton and Claudia Packer.

Bartholomew Gallery and Frame Co. (206 24th St., Ogden, 801-334-7911) — Art by Brandon Cook, Kelly Donovan and Shanna Kunz.

B.F. Larsen Gallery (Harris Fine Art Center, BYU) — "2004 Annual Student Show & Senior Show" through April 23. Reception Wednesday, April 21, at 7 p.m.

Brigham City Museum-Gallery (24 N. 300 West, Brigham City, 435-723-6769) — "Moving the Fire: The Removal of Indian Nations to Oklahoma," featuring 37 photographs from vintage negatives, through April 24.

Brushworks Fine Art Studios & Gallery (61 N. Main, St. George, 1-435-673-2723) — New works in pastels and oils by Maureen Booth and Annette Everett. Ongoing exhibit of watercolors and sculpture by L'Deane Trueblood. Also, selected works by Farrell Collett.

Canyon Gallery (265 S. Mountain Road, Fruit Heights, 1-801-544-4262) — Art featuring Ken Corbett, Linda Curley, David Jackson, Colleen Howe, Sandra Rast and more.

Datura Gallery (845 N. Coyote Gulch Court, Ivin, 435-674-9595) — Art by Laurie Burns, Cheryl, Gary and John Collin, Elva Malin, Holy Pendergast, Melodie Williams, Roland Lee and more.

Denver Art Museum (13th Avenue and Acoma, Denver, 720-865-5000) — "Painting a New World: Mexican Art and Life, 1521-1821," featuring 50 works of art from around the world, through July 25. Also, "Heaven and Home: Chinese Art of the Han Dynasty from the Sze Hong Collection" through Dec. 19.

Eccles Community Art Center (2580 Jefferson Ave., Ogden, 392-6935) — Main Gallery: "Mystic Men and Wonder Women," featuring art by Marilyn Read. Carriage House Gallery: Annual print competition of members of the Ogden Camera Club. Both shows run through April 24.

Ethel Wattis Kimball Visual Arts Center (Weber State University, 2001 University Circle, Ogden, 801-626-6420) — Mary Elizabeth Dee Shaw Gallery: Annual student art exhibit featuring drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, jewelry, small metals, graphic design, photography, textiles and ceramics, through April 22.

Fat Cat Gallery (3391 S. Orchard, North Salt Lake, 299-1122) — Original paintings by Wulf Barsch, Rebecca Hartvigsen, David Brand, G. Robinson Oborn, Scott Brown, Roger Loveless, James Lund and Anne Marie Oborn. Bronze sculptures by Brady Fairbanks.

Fairview Museum of History & Art (85 N. 100 East, Fairview, 427-9216) — Works from the museum collection: Lee Udall Bennion, Judy Farnsworth Lund, Theodore Milton Wassmer, Lee Deffebach, Harry Taylor, Meri Ploetz, Edith Roberson, Cordell Taylor, Wulf Barsch, John Heber Stansfield, Kaziah Hancock, Harrison Groutage and more.

Gallery 303 (Harris Fine Arts Center, BYU, 801-422-2881) — "2004 Annual Student Show & Senior Show" through April 23. Reception Wednesday, April 21, at 7 p.m.

Guggenheim Hermitage (Venetian Resort Hotel, 3355 Las Vegas Blvd., Las Vegas) — "A Century of Painting: From Renoir to Rothko" through May 2.

Hope Gallery (4801 N. University Ave, 370-373-1473) — Original art from the 16th-21st centuries. Religious works by Carl Bloch.

John Wesley Powell River History Museum (885 E. Main, Green River, 435-564-3427) — Ongoing work by Brady Fairbanks, Richard Miles, Lori Nicholas, Kay Affleck, Dan Blanton, Carel Brest van Kempen, Ken England, Jean Gasser, Becky Hartvigsen, Gary Prazen, Anton Rasmussen, Diane Turner, Joseph S. Venus and Larry Wade.

Juniper Sky Fine Art Gallery (851 N. Coyote Gulch Court, Ivin, 435-674-1994) — Metal sculpture by Matt Clark and oils by Rod McGehee through April.

Kimball Art Center (638 Park Ave., Park City, 435-649-8882) — Main gallery: "Wasatch Back Juried Student Show," featuring art by students — K-12 — in Park City, Summit and Wasatch county schools, through May 1.

Lamplight Art Gallery (163 S. Main, Bountiful, 298-0290) — Art by Linda Dalton Walker, Colleen Parker, Rebecca Lee, Barbara Dowdle, Jim Fedor, Connie Neylan, Charlene Hill, Susan Plouzek, Rose Brontmire and Kay Taylor Affleck.

Los Angeles County Museum of Art (5905 Wilshire, Los Angeles, 323-857-6522) — "Diane Arbus Revelations," a retrospective featuring more than 180 photographs, through May 31. "Jasper Johns: Numbers," featuring art by Johns through April 18.

Meyer Gallery (Main, Park City, 435-8160) — Two Woman Show, featuring paintings by Shanna Kunz and bronze vessels by Carol Alleman.

Museum of Art (Brigham Young University, North Campus Drive, Provo, 378-2787) — "Metaphorically Speaking: Contemporary Religious Art," featuring work by 12 contemporary LDS artists. Also, "Camera & Soul," featuring photographs of our national parks by Milton Goldstein, through Sept. 11. Also, "Beneath the Bark: Twenty-five Years of Woodturning," featuring art by woodturners from more than a dozen countries, through July 31. Also, "Outside Inside: Fragments in Place," featuring seven site-specific installations by Australian artists Bonita Ely, Noelene Lucas, Regina Walter, Josie Cavallaro, Julie Gough, Jacqueline Clayton and Anne Graham, through April 17. Also, "150 Years of American Painting," artwork from BYU's permanent collection.

Nora Eccles Harrison Museum of Art (650 N. 1100 East, Logan, 1-435-797-0163) — "Charles Garabedian Works on Paper: 1965-2001" and "Jane Catlin: Adaptations," featuring mixed media art by Catlin, through May 1. Also, artworks by Claire Falkenstein and Eleanor Antin will be on display through May 1.

Out of Africa (333 Main, Park City) — Selection of handcrafted African baskets, rugs, textiles, stoneware and more.

Phoenix Gallery (508 Main, Park City, 435-649-1006 — "Nature's Grace," featuring the art of Susan Swartz.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (151 3rd St., California) — "POP! From the San Francisco Collections," featuring some 100 paintings, sculptures and works on paper by such artists as Jasper Johns, Andy Warhol, Roy Lichtenstein, Ed Ruscha, Wayne Thiebaud and more, through Sept. 19. Also, "The Art of Romare Bearden" through May 16.

Screening Room Gallery (Sundance Resort, Provo, 801-225-4107) — "environMENTAL," featuring art by Jean Arnold, Wulf Barsch, Jane Catlin, Brian Christensen, JinMan Jo, Lenka Konopasek, Joe Ostraff and Doug Snow, through May 2.

Springville Museum of Art (126 E. 400 South, Springville, 489-2727) — Ongoing exhibit of Russian, Social Realist Art from permanent collection.

St. George Art Museum (47 E. 200 North, St. George, 435-634-5942) — Legacy gallery: "Just Like Me," featuring touring art from Exhibits USA, through April 30.

Taminah Gallery (608 Main, Park City, 435-655-3265) — Paintings by Greg Wilson through April.

Terra Nova Gallery (41 W. 300 North, Provo, 801-374-0016) — "Donna Corno: People You Know" through April 30.

Torrey Gallery (80 E. Main, Torrey, 1-435-425-3909) — Works by Doug Snow, Tony Smith, Smity, Paul and Silvia Davis, Lee Deffebach, Patty Kimball, Craig Law, John Telford, Bonnie Posselli, Doug Braithwaite and others.

Twiggs & Moore Art Gallery (200 W. St. George Blvd., St. George, 1-435-673-6363) — Art by Roland Lee, Leonard Parkin, David Jackson, Colleen Howe, Bonnie Conrad, Linda Curley and Darwin Dower.

Utah Cultural Celebration Center Art Gallery (1355 W. 3100 South, West Valley City) — Art by local artist Pilar Pobil through May 13.

UVSC Woodbury Gallery (University Mall, Orem, 801-426-6199) — The Society of Illustrators' annual traveling exhibition of 40 works through April. Also art by Sharon Cannon and Joyce Baron and the Annual Utah High School Jewelry and Small Metals Exhibit.

Worthington Gallery (789 Zion Park Blvd., Springdale, 1-435-772-3446) — Pottery by Greg Worthington, Jim Stewart, Bruce Larrabee and Suzanne Storer. Also, paintings by Willamarie Huelskamp and sculptures by Lyman Whitaker.