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Hints from Heloise: Dirty bathmat? Toss it in washer

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Dear Heloise: I am always having a problem keeping the underside of our bathmat clean. Mildew seems to thrive there — any suggestions? — M.T., Orlando, Fla.

The undersides of those rubber bathtub mats are the perfect breeding grounds for mildew. Yuck! Here are a few hints that might help:

To get rid of mildew, put the bathmat in the washing machine with hot, soapy water and a little chlorine bleach. Toss in a couple of white (bleach-safe) towels to add some scrubbing action, and run the washing machine through a normal wash cycle. Pull out the bathmat and let it drip-dry.

To help prevent further mildew, pull up the bathmat after each use and let it drip-dry. Hang it over a towel rod. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: Here's a tip for everyone staying in a hotel: Carry a piece of hotel stationery or a hotel envelope with you so you can find your way back after a day of sightseeing. If you get lost, just show the hotel's name and address to a policeman, a taxi driver, etc. This is especially useful when you are visiting cities whose language you cannot read, much less speak! — T. Schuchat, Washington, D.C.

I hear you! Many times there are several national chains in one city, so you can't just say "the XYZ hotel." — Heloise

Dear Heloise: I was cleaning out the refrigerator — pulling out the vegetable and meat drawers and cleaning underneath and around every nook and cranny. I usually put some paper towels in the bottoms of the drawers to collect any spills or dirt. But they get pushed to the corner of the drawers in a short period of time, and they end up not catching anything.

I purchased one of my new favorite products, press-to-seal plastic wrap, cut it to fit into the drawers, and presto, it works beautifully. — Faith Achtermann, via e-mail

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