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World datelines


ALGIERS — President Abdelaziz Bouteflika, sworn in Monday for a second five-year term at a ceremony boycotted by his rivals, declared that Algeria must lessen its dependence on natural gas exports. Notably absent were two presidential contenders, former Prime Minister Ali Benflis and Said Sadi, both of whom alleged fraud was behind Bouteflika's victory. The charge has been contested by international election observers.


ARLON — A woman who survived almost two months of sexual abuse while imprisoned in a basement faced her attacker for the first time Monday, testifying at his rape and murder trial and asking him why he did not kill her. Sabine Dardenne, now 20, is a key witness at the trial of Marc Dutroux, a convicted pedophile who was on parole when he allegedly abducted and raped six girls between 1995 and 1996. Four of the girls died.


SAO PAULO — Riot police used tear gas Monday to eject hundreds of squatters who had seized a vacant building in Brazil's largest city to demand the government speed up redistribution of land to the poor. Brazil's first elected leftist president, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, came to office 15 months ago with promises to redistribute property. But leaders of urban and rural squatter groups say his administration's efforts have fallen short.


BEIJING — North Korean leader Kim Jong Il reportedly met China's president Monday and discussed his country's nuclear program, just days after Vice President Dick Cheney warned of the growing threat from Pyongyang and urged Beijing to do more to defuse it. Kim's visit was reported by South Korean media but not confirmed by China's Foreign Ministry, which in the past has only released information on the secretive leader's visits after he returns home.


ST. ALBANS — A gay clergyman who declined a bishop's post after an outcry from Anglican conservatives has been appointed dean of an English cathedral, the British government said Monday. Prime Minister Tony Blair's office said Queen Elizabeth II had approved Canon Jeffrey John as dean of St. Albans cathedral, the shrine of England's first Christian martyr.


PARIS — A bus that crashed while carrying a group of North Carolina teenage soccer players, killing one, was going too fast and had an onboard device to limit its speed that may have been deliberately disabled, an investigator said Monday. The bus company manager and a driver were in police custody and could face manslaughter and other charges, said the investigator, speaking on condition of anonymity.


ROME — European Commission president Romano Prodi Monday praised Spain's decision to pull its troops from Iraq, saying the move could help mend the rift in Europe over the war as well as increase pressure to resolve the Iraqi crisis.


AMMAN — In a surprise move, King Abdullah II postponed a meeting with President Bush this week, citing questions Monday about the U.S. commitment to the Middle East peace process. The snub from one of Washington's closest allies comes amid Arab anger at Bush for endorsing an Israeli proposal to withdraw unilaterally from the Gaza Strip and parts of the West Bank but keep Jewish settlements on other West Bank land claimed by Palestinians.


THE HAGUE — In a verdict that will resonate in the trial of former Yugoslav President Slobodan Milosevic, a U.N. appeals court affirmed Monday that Bosnian Serbs committed genocide at the U.N.-protected zone of Srebrenica in 1995, but cleared a Serb general of being a "principal perpetrator" and reduced his sentence. The war crimes tribunal, however, convicted Gen. Radislav Krstic of the lesser crime of "aiding and abetting genocide." It found that he assisted in the massacre of thousands of Bosnian Muslims but did not intend to wipe out the Muslim community.


BRATISLAVA — Slovakia's president-elect, who once opposed deployment of his country's soldiers to Iraq, said Monday that the threat of worldwide terrorism now justified their presence. Ivan Gasparovic spoke to The Associated Press about his change of heart a day after the central election commission declared him the winner of the presidential race over Vladimir Meciarr.