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Am.F. student hurt in sander accident

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AMERICAN FORK — An American Fork High School student broke and cut off several fingers while using a belt sander during a class Monday.

Chris Miller, a sophomore, is healing at home after his fingers were caught and pulled into the machine.

"I was using this big sander, a belt sander," Miller said. "I was doing two pieces and wasn't paying attention. I was trying to hurry."

The sander had an 8-inch-wide belt, and Miller's fingers were caught under the wood being fed into the machine, American Fork Emergency Medical Service Capt. Jay Christensen said. The force pulled Miller in.

It broke two fingers on his right hand, cut off pieces of several other fingers and de-gloved, or ripped the skin off, six fingers, Christensen said. The rest of the fingers are scratched.

"The doctor said (it was a) good thing we saved all the skin and stuff we could find, because he used them to do grafts," Christensen said.

Two of the fingers were partially amputated and had to be sewn back on, Christensen said. Miller's hands should be back to full working order in a few weeks.