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Hints from Heloise: Motel tub works as a puppy potty

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Vivian Myra of Canada sent this photo of her dog, Sammy. Isn't he photogenic sitting in his bucket?

Vivian Myra of Canada sent this photo of her dog, Sammy. Isn’t he photogenic sitting in his bucket?

Dear Heloise: My rat terrier puppy, Lucy, and I had to stay in a motel unexpectedly one night, getting there about midnight. Lucy was only about 5 months old and had been doing fine going potty in the yard or on her papers in the house.

I did not want to take her outside, even though there was a grass lawn available, due to security concerns. So I spread some newspapers in the bathtub and put Lucy on the papers. She looked up at me like "I can't believe this!"

I sat down and patiently explained to her that it was this or nothing, and that I couldn't let her go on the motel carpet. It took a while, but she finally did her business, and she went several more times in the tub with no problems.

I felt safer not having to take her outside, and she adapted quickly to the unconventional spot. The newspaper was easily available and easily discarded, and the tub was easily cleaned. Although I have 16 cats, this is my first dog, so I am still learning, too. — Mrs. Luhra Warren, Little Rock, Ark.

Luhra, this is a great idea. We printed something similar when one of my assistants dog-sat a friend's puppy. She put "potty pads" in the tub for midnight callings so she didn't have to venture outside in the middle of the night for a "potty break." — Heloise

Dear Readers: Vivian Myra of Canada sent us a photo of her dog, Sammy. He is so cute in his little bucket, and quite photogenic.

Send your favorite, unusual pet photo to: Heloise/Pet Photo, P.O. Box 795000, San Antonio, TX 78279. — Heloise

Dear Heloise: This hint is for people who are worried about identity theft. If you put sensitive information such as canceled-check stubs, Social Security numbers on documents, medical records, etc., in the trash, unknown people can take it. Even if you have a paper shredder, this info can still be pieced together.

If you have a house cat, after you change its litter box, either shred or tear up your sensitive paper information, put it in the bottom of the litter box, fill with fresh material, then let your kitty do its thing. When it's time to change the box, put the old material in a plastic trash bag and dispose of it. Problem solved. — Gerald W. Worthington in Kentucky

Dear Heloise: I got a hamster for my birthday and got all the things I needed to take care of him except for a food dish. My mom gave me some old (clean) ashtrays, and they work perfectly. — Katy from Idaho

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