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Phone solicitors rude

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Thank you, Denise Boren, for your courage to speak up about the disrespectful treatment you encountered during a call from the "firefighters" for a donation to their annual show (Deseret Morning News, April 25). Sadly, we, too, have been treated rudely, even maliciously, by both fire and police donations solicitors.

The first time I received a rude call, the encounter left me stunned and feeling uneasy for not helping, even though we were raising a large family and supporting several other worthwhile causes. The next rude call got only a "sorry, no." By the third or fourth year, we bought a caller identification device and simply stopped answering.

It's hard to believe these solicitors could be the same decent and helpful people who arrived promptly in our times of need. Is this a scam run by someone unconnected to firefighters and police? How I would like to hear the affirmative answer! If it is not, who will stand and correct this abusive behavior?

Karen Richards