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Hannity goes overboard

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As followers of the news can attest, conservative talk radio in recent years has become increasingly significant in influencing the nation's political dialogue. At the head of this development is popular show host Sean Hannity. As one who is conservative on a majority of issues, I have found this enjoyable. As a citizen who also wants unfiltered analysis of important issues, it has been less satisfying.

To Hannity and those of his reporting style, I ask, can we drop the ideological blinders and the predictable ideologue mentality? Can we lose the whining and the "liberalism is evil" approach to every issue?

I make these comments precisely because I believe in the value of conservative principles in dealing with many issues. And I believe in objectivity and thinking outside of the herd. I fear a backlash within the conservative movement due to a few polarization artists known as talk-show hosts.

Pat Barnum