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Develop habit of daily study

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Every woman can be a gospel doctrine instructor in the home and every sister in the Church needs gospel knowledge, Sister Julie B. Beck declared during the General Young Women Meeting March 27.

"If you have not already developed the habit of daily scripture study, start now and keep studying in order to be prepared for your responsibilities in this life and in the eternities."

Sister Beck, first counselor in the Young Women general presidency, said the key was "starting and doing it again and again. One good way to start studying the scriptures is to 'liken' them to ourselves. (See 1 Nephi 19:23.) Some people start by choosing a subject in the Topical Guide that they need to know more about. Or they start at the beginning of a book of scripture and look for specific teachings as they read through."

Continuing, she shared with the young women various ways she had studied the scriptures, including "looking for questions that the Lord asks us in the scriptures and ponder them. Since then I have discovered many important questions such as, 'What desirest thou?' (1 Nephi 11:2) and, 'What think ye of Christ?' (Matthew 22:42). I keep a list of those questions in the back of my scriptures."

The key to unlocking important knowledge is to keep studying, Sister Beck said. "I never tire of discovering the rich treasures of truth in the scriptures because they teach with 'plainness, even as plain as word can be' " (2 Nephi 32:7).

Sister Beck spoke of the Prophet Joseph Smith, who as a youth had a great question in his mind and found a solution in the Bible, referring to James 1:5. "Because Joseph acted upon what he read in the scriptures, he learned about Heavenly Father, His Son Jesus Christ, the Holy Ghost, and his identity as a son of God. Joseph learned who he was, why he was here on earth, and what he needed to do in this life."

After speaking of Nephi, who risked his life to obtain a copy of the scriptures, Sister Beck said: "I have great confidence in the young women of the Church. . . . You will be the mothers and leaders who will help prepare the next generation with gospel understanding and testimony. Your children will be men and women of faith who will continue to build the kingdom of God. . . ."

Text of Sister Beck's remarks can be found here: LDS.org