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President Gordon B. Hinckley

President of the church

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The church is healthy, growing and, using modern technology, blessing the world and the lives of its members.

"Our membership now reaches almost 12 million, with more members outside North America than reside within. Once we were recognized as a Utah church. Now we have become a great international body.

"Everywhere there is great activity and great enthusiasm. We have strong and able leaders across the world who give of their time and means to move the work forward.

"It is wonderfully refreshing to see the faith and faithfulness of our young people. They live at a time when a great tide of evil is washing over the Earth. It seems to be everywhere. Old standards are discarded. Principles of virtue and integrity are cast aside. But we find literally hundreds of thousands of our young people holding to the high standards of the gospel. They find happy and uplifting association with those of their own kind. They are improving their minds with education and their skills with discipline and their influence for good is felt ever more widely."

The world's changing attitude toward the church is exemplified by the recent resolution of regret from the Illinois House of Representatives for the forced expulsion of Latter-day Saints from Nauvoo in 1846, as well as Missouri's revocation in 1976 of the infamous "extermination order" issued in 1838.

"The church is in good condition. . . . We are carrying on a great humanitarian effort."