I must agree with Richard E. Davis' comment (Readers' Forum, May 6.) No Muslim cleric raised his voice in apology for the atrocity that was committed against four American civilians. I also remember seeing several POWs interviewed during the last Gulf War, faces bruised and shattered. Did Saddam's forces ever read the Geneva Conventions?

I have an uncle who was force-marched, in wintertime, 150 miles by the cruel German army. To his dying day, he refused to speak of the horrors that he witnessed. Every enemy we have ever faced has treated our prisoners with cruelty and contempt. I agree that we Americans are better than that. Our Christian upbringing teaches us to "love our enemies, and forgive those that despitefully use us."

I think, however, Americans should demand an apology from the savage animals who murdered four American civilians and desecrated their bodies.

Barry R. Urry

Salt Lake City