EAGLE MOUNTAIN — Folks in Eagle Mountain will soon see cost-of-living increases.

That is, it will likely cost more to turn on air conditioning and do a load of laundry.

Base rates for gas and power are scheduled to go up over the next few years, officials said.

The money will be used to pay debt incurred so the city could provide services to residents.

"Each year the city owes a lot of money for our bond payments, interest, principle and a letter of credit fee that we have out," said Chris Hillman, city administrator.

"Interest is now going up. We need to begin paying off the principle and our reserve fund is running out. We haven't run dry yet but we can see it coming and want to warn our customers."

Hillman said if more people move to the city and the rates are slightly increased, residents can expect a small increase in the base rate for gas and power.

Eagle Mountain residents pay a $5 base rate plus 9 cents a kilowatt for power and $16 base rates plus $5.91 per decatherm for gas.

Hillman said a "step increase" will be discussed next week at a city meeting.