I read the nearly weekly notices in this paper regarding highway closures. Of particular interest are the ones about closures on and near I-15 for bridge repair work. It appears that some of this work is being done on areas that were part of the huge I-15 revamp project done just prior to the 2002 Olympics. As I recollect, the contractor received a nice bonus for finishing early. Did the haste make waste in some instances?

I am also intrigued by the use of lighting that was installed as part of the project. In the winter I particularly notice that the lights between about 500 South and 1700 South on I-15 are seldom lighted. If the lights are not going to be used appropriately, perhaps the state could save some money by taking them out.

The signage from that project doesn't appear to be quite fixed either. Exits 309 A and B, coming from the south on I-15, are marked in a very confusing manner.

Karen Silver

West Valley City