A few years ago, I traveled to Kenya, East Africa, with my family. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience. We saw so many animals in their natural habitat, and we were able to witness firsthand how animals behave in the wild.

On Saturday I traveled to Lagoon with a group of friends and nonchalantly decided to ride the train around the park's zoo. What I saw brought me to tears.

I saw the sign "Bear" and watched an enormous bear come into view. I saw half a rubber tire and a rope lying on the bear's concrete floor. The entire exhibit was about the size of half of an elementary classroom.

We then went on to the lion area. It was the same as the bear's, although these species live on opposite sides of the globe in completely different environments.

I'm not an animal-rights activist, and I do appreciate a decent zoo. However, it makes me cringe to see animals in conditions as those at Lagoon. I believe the executives at Lagoon should stick to supplying a quality amusement park and leave the business of animals in captivity to the zoologists.

Chelsea Mitchell