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Van runs over man who died earlier

A body that was run over by a van Saturday was that of a man who had already died, authorities said.

The man's name was not released Sunday. He was estimated to be in his mid-40s.

About 6:40 p.m. Saturday, a man began to reverse a van that had been parked in a fenced lot near 350 South and 450 East. His father-in-law, who was outside the van, yelled for him to stop. The van had run over a man and he was dead, Salt Lake Police Lt. Robert Linton said.

The man probably crawled under the van to get out of the rain and died in that spot several hours before the son- and father-in-law were at the lot, Linton said.

The Utah State Medical Examiner's Office determined the man had "been dead several hours prior to" being run over, Linton said.