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Police conduct was legal, judge rules

OGDEN (AP) — A judge has dismissed the last of the defense motions alleging police misconduct in a disturbance at a Union Station rap concert last summer.

Ten concertgoers, all black, were arrested at the June 27 concert. Five have since entered into plea bargains.

Police said the disturbance occurred when Ogden gang detectives seeking to investigate possible alcohol and marijuana violations were denied admittance.

Second District Judge W. Brent West ruled Friday that the conduct of the officers did not merit dismissing the charges.

"Not that I agree with everything the officers did or said, but it didn't arise to the level of outrageous conduct," West said.

A defense motion that claimed prosecutorial racism in bringing the charges was withdrawn last month.

Another motion accused police of reacting to concertgoers' angry chants and shouting, thereby punishing them for an exercise of free speech.

West said the arrests stemmed from alleged conduct, not speech, and for failure to disperse and making contact with officers, West said.