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G-rated Springfield tonight?

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OREM — Concert organizers expect a lively and raunch-free rock concert tonight from a pop-star-turned-bad-boy.

The expectation is that Rick Springfield, who starred on "General Hospital" and in the 1980s scored such hits as "Jessie's Girl" and "Don't Talk To Strangers," won't alienate conservative crowds.

"He behaves himself when he knows there are children and families in the audience," said SCERA events director Dana Robinson said Thursday. "I think Rick is a rocker, but he's also a professional in the industry. He'll be a good boy onstage."

Since learning of the entertainer's switch to a harder brand of rock music, Robinson has listened to Springfield's new CD, "show/denial/anger/acceptance."

He also called the people who set up Springfield's recent concert in Phoenix, Ariz., at the Celebrity Theatre. "I was told the show was great, and the audience loved it. They want him to come back," Robinson said.

Springfield's Web site has photos of the former bubblegummer rocking out sans a shirt and lyrics laced with profanity and sexual innuendo.

Springfield previously told The Deseret Morning News he did not intend to alter his show in any way for the Orem audience.

Publicists describe Springfield's newest music as "a brutally raw look inside the psyche of Springfield, resonating with an indomitable spirit, snarling attitude," and Robinson said news reports about Springfield's attitude shut down ticket sales.

Joyce Johnson, a SCERA board member, said it would be expensive and difficult to cancel a concert that's already been advertised.