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Spill cleanup needs better plan, state says

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The Division of Oil, Gas and Mining has given a North Crescent, Duchesne County, waste water disposal company additional time to come up with an acceptable plan for cleaning up possible contamination left by an accidental spill over two months ago.

The breech in the lining occurred April 9, as heavy equipment was working around the rim of the disposal pond apparently shifted the earth. Brine water and oil residue flooded nearby pasture, fields and vacant lots.

Two weeks after the spill, Water Disposal, Inc. was issued a Notice of Violation and instructed to retain the services of an environmental cleanup firm to evaluate the aftermath of the spill and recommend the appropriate mitigation response.

Division officials are now saying the cleanup plan, due on May 12, didn't pass inspection.

"The plan that was submitted to the division by WDI was felt to be insufficient for providing for the cleanup, so it was returned to them," said Jim Springer, public information officer for the division. "The division is working with them on a cleanup for a better plan."

The company now has until June 25 to submit a revised environmental assessment to the state, he said. Water Disposal must bear the cost of any cleanup that is required, according to the notice.

However, Park City resident John Chasel, co-owner of Water Disposal, said the cleanup has already been successfully completed.

"Soil samples show there is no contamination, no petroleum, and the cleanup is complete," he said, adding he was sure the neighbors "will get something" in the way of details of the findings.

"We're doing the best we can; that's all we have to say," he said.

Springer said because the state can't force the company to reimburse property owners for damages, it is up to the property owner themselves to pursue liability claims civilly.

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