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U.S. still a ‘city on a hill’

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How refreshing it was, as the nation paid tribute to a great American president, to see decorum, civility, pride in America, and all faiths and races joined together in a grand combination of state and religion. We returned to the America I grew up in. No one was insisting that God needed to be completely separate from state. In fact, it was accepted that a need for divine guidance was part of what made America great. It seemed normal for the Ten Commandments to be posted in a public place to remind us that our nation was a "City On a Hill."

Our original values were not made in Hollywood, and our children's time was spent working with their family, rather than playing violent video games.

Our society has changed since Ronald Reagan's era. We cannot let the minority control the majority. Wake up, America, and stand up and be counted for good.

A.K. Bailey

Salt Lake City