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Wind power

Below left, Hyrum Evans, high-voltage technician for FPL Energy, walks past some wind turbines in Wyoming. At right, VIPs and guests of FPL Energy tour one of the 80 wind turbines at the site, located 16 miles outside Evanston. The turbines can power 43,000 homes.

"Wyoming in general has a great wind resource that can bring clean, renewable energy to customers in Utah, Wyoming, California and throughout the West," said Terry Hudgens, CEO of PPM Energy. "This particular wind plant also happens to perform especially well when our customers experience peak loads."

Construction of the turbines at the wind farm began late in 2003. The 144-megawatt Wyoming Wind Energy Center was originally developed by Orion Energy and is owned by FPL Energy. PPM Energy purchases all of the output from the facility under a long-term contract and markets the output to wholesale customers, including 19 cities in Utah.