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Wishing the Sloans well

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My father is being treated for a blood disease at the Huntsman Cancer Institute. During his sessions of chemotherapy, we often saw Jerry and Bobbye Sloan there. She was obviously in great discomfort, yet she and Jerry were extraordinarily gracious to those people who stopped by to wish her well. One Tuesday my father was seated right next to Mrs. Sloan. Coach was respectful, decent and asked about my father's condition. We had a nice visit and some quiet laughs about the Jazz's excellent win the previous night. Coach said, "If they would play that hard every night I'd be out of a job." I will cherish that memory.

Since my own mother has passed away I've seen the pain my father has gone through, and now I'm sure coach Sloan is enduring the same. I'm sure I'm not alone in wishing him well and in asking God to bless him and his family at Bobbye's passing.

Steven K. Lang