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Another case tied to Kingstons?

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West Valley City police confirmed Thursday they are investigating another possible child neglect case that might have ties to the Kingston polygamy clan.

Officers were called to an undisclosed location in West Valley City on April 25 about 11:30 a.m. by a person concerned about the welfare of children who lived near him, said West Valley police Capt. Craig Black.

When officers arrived, the children were gone. But the person who made the call met them and told the police of possible neglect, Black said. While they were talking, other neighbors came over and told similar stories, he said.

Officers were called back to the house a few hours later after the mother and the children, aged 4, 2 and 1, returned home.

Police found the children living in conditions they described as "filthy" and "deplorable" and called the Division of Child and Family Services, Black said.

While officers were interviewing the then 19-year-old mother, red flags were raised by the answers she was giving, and not giving, Black said.

After further investigation, Black said it was discovered the children's father might be part of the Kingston clan.

Black said the children were taken into protective custody while detectives continued investigating the situation.

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