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Obituary: Grant Gedge Pendleton

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He Will be Missed

Died June 4, 2004 at the age of 78, the son of Melvin G. and Ida Gedge Pendleton.

Sailed on freighters and oil tankers as an Able-Bodied Merchant Seaman for three and a half years during World War II.

Returned to college at the University of Utah where he majored in English.

Employed by the Deseret News, Associated Press and Utah Power and Light Co.

His favorite books: Lord Jim and Zorba the Greek; his favorite composers: Bach and Mozart; favorite poet: Omar Khayyam; favorite sport: tennis; favorite wonders of nature: the sea; favorite companions: his children.

He is survived by a daughter, Jane Pendleton of Provo; three sons Maury, Hawaii; Brett, Salt Lake City; and Christian, Midway; grandchildren: Aaron Johnson, Amanda Johnson, Sadie Pendleton, Britnie Pendleton, Riley Pendleton, Sawyer Pendleton and Elena Pendleton and two great-grandchildren, Parker Johnson and Baylee Johnson; brothers, Keith and Paul of Salt Lake City.

Open house for immediately family and close friends on Mon. June 7th at 6-8 p.m. at 7882 So. Oakledge Road (3320 E.) Salt Lake City, UT 84121.