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Karras has given much

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I am writing regarding the unsupported insinuation in Michael S. Bridge's letter that Nolan Karras is taking from the state and not giving. (Forum, June 4). I am a first-time Republican state delegate. My top two votes went to Gov. Olene Walker and Nolan Karras. Huntsman was way down my list.

The reason? I looked at what each candidate had given to the state over the years. Try as I might, I could not find anything of substance that Jon Jr. had done that directly benefited the state of Utah. The Huntsman Cancer Institute is to the credit of Mr. and Mrs. Jon Huntsman Sr. I do have tremendous respect for that.

Karras, on the other hand, participated as chairman of the Finance Committee for the Olympics, resulting in millions of dollars for the state of Utah. I also note his service as a representative to the House, speaker of the House and chairman of the Board of Regents. My big concern is the election is being turned into a junior high school election. You know, who is the most popular?

Joseph Barrett