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Temple Square Web site opens today

SHARE Temple Square Web site opens today

Today marks the public launch of the new Web site www.visittemplesquare.com, which provides detailed information on tours, events, news, services and attractions at the tourist site.

"There's pages for everything to do on Temple Square," said Neil Wilkinson, director of marketing for Temple Square Hospitality. "(Each location) has specific pages built that highlight buildings and tell the basic information about what happens in that building. It puts everything at your fingertips."

Complete with maps, interior views and histories of buildings, an event calendar and tour information, the site was designed to aid local and national travel agents and group and leisure travel organizations.

Wilkinson said whether someone is planning a trip for half an hour or two hours, the Web site will help in planning where to walk around Temple Square and what to see.

The Web site originated about a year ago at a luncheon for the National Tourism Association. Wilkinson said the association hoped to build a Web site for people who wanted to plan their trip to Temple Square before they came.

"We were trying to find a way to target to people that come to Salt Lake City and don't know anything about Temple Square," Wilkinson said.