I have a few things I would like to get off my chest.

1. We have all these people talking about abortion. It's a choice I will never have to make for myself, but I believe a woman should be able to make it if she chooses.

2. Religion is a personal thing. I do not try and push my religion onto you, so please don't try and push yours onto me.

3. People say gay marriage is going to make the world come to an end. How? How are two men or two women getting married going to affect your day-to-day lives?

4. Law enforcement agencies, district attorneys, lawyers and the courts should enforce the laws that are on the books and remove the laws that are outdated.

5. The Founding Fathers spoke English. The Constitution is written in English. I don't go to any other country and expect them to speak English. Why should others move here and expect us to speak their language?

Robert Bahr

West Valley City