The number of victims who can be linked to a serial husband appears to be growing.

George Washington Upton, 63, was arrested last week in Palm Springs, Calif. He is believed to have married at least nine women in Utah, Washington, Oregon, Idaho and California, taken their money, cars and credit and then skipped town.

Many of the victims knew him as Dominique Digiorgio, although he reportedly had as many as 15 different aliases. None of the wives knew Upton was married to the other women.

Ogden resident Eva Moffat lost more than a quarter of a million dollars after marrying Upton.

A woman in Sandy also claimed she was married to Upton. She told KSL-TV Upton swindled her for approximately $10,000.

Authorities believe Upton may have also defrauded a businessman in Clinton of more than $10,000.

Upton convinced the businessman that he would sell his clothes at his business in Ogden called "A Touch of Italy," Murdock said.

In reality, "A Touch of Italy" was a closed store he simply used as a front. Upton allegedly took the clothes and tried to sell them to other vendors around the state claiming he made them, Murdock said. He even tried to sell them at a major retailers convention in Las Vegas recently, he said.

Some of the clothes were recovered in Sandy, where a retailer who bought some of the clothing realized they were stolen and gave them back to the rightful owner.

Murdock said he also heard Upton might have been working on some type of "real estate deal" in southern Utah shortly before his arrest.

Upton could be extradited to Utah, where he'd face charges in Ogden and a felony fraud charge in Clinton. But it may be a while before any Utah court sees him.

Upton, who is being held in a Palm Springs jail, was awaiting extradition Wednesday to Baker City, Ore., where authorities have an active arrest warrant for racketeering and will have first crack at him.

Upton previously served nine years at the Idaho State Prison for grand theft.