I had a nightmare the other night. I dreamed I lived in a world where people lived in houses, not homes.

These houses were grouped in subdivisions because they had forgotten what neighborhoods were.

These subdivisions were gathered together into municipalities because the concept of "community" had been totally misplaced.

People had replaced God with a new morality called materialism. Their world was based not only on stuff, but cheap stuff. The adventure and treasures of life had been totally replaced by stuff.

The wonder of human relationships were experienced vicariously in private theaters and over wires.

I had entered some strange Orwellian or Wellsian future where the Elois wandered aimlessly waiting for the Morlock dinner bell to sound. I wanted to scream out and show these Eloi the way to a real world, but in the dream I was mute and they couldn't or wouldn't hear me. I was suffocating from the lack of air of reality.

Please! Someone slap me and wake me from this nightmare.

S.S. Blackham

Salt Lake City