"Ireland: Celtic Myths & Splendor" is the University Travel Film Series' first travelog of the season. Filmmaker Sandy Mortimer will be on hand to present her overview of Ireland Monday, 7:30 p.m., in Kingsbury Hall on the lower University of Utah campus. Tickets are $8.50 (581-7100 or www.kingsburyhall.org).

The film encompasses a little history, a little myth, a little architecture and more. It will take you to the Hill of Tara, the spiritual center for the Celtic High Kings until the 11th century, and will also go to Kells, where "The Book of Kells" was discovered.

As well as taking a look at Kerry and Cork and the Headlands, the film visits Belfast, acknowledging the city's bloody history. It also shows little-known nooks and crannies throughout the country, offering a glimpse of the everyday life of the Gaelic people.