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Ruzicka wrong on bill

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I was fascinated to read Gayle Ruzicka's comments regarding the Penalty Enhancement Bill (HB50). I wonder how long the good people of Utah will put up with her rants and pontifications. By her remarks, she is saying that the LDS Church, the Deseret Morning News, the Salt Lake Tribune, the attorney general, the League of State Prosecutors, the NAACP, KSL, Senator Orrin Hatch, the Utah Board of Pardons, the Utah Sentencing Commission, the Utah Republican Hispanic Assembly, hundreds of law enforcement officers and 64 percent of the Utah public are "insane" because they all endorse this bill.

I do not know who she claims to represent or why she is always asked to comment. It seems she is good for a bigoted, hateful, homophobic sound bite whenever one is needed. I hope the Legislature will see her for what she is and do the right thing by passing HB50.

Mike Picardi