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Iraq warfare makes no sense

SHARE Iraq warfare makes no sense

Logically, the war in Iraq will end as soon as we kill all the bad guys. The current method of finding these bad guys is for our brave soldiers to patrol the streets, waiting to be fired upon, then returning fire. What a lousy, unfair system! No wonder we keep having so many casualties in Iraq. The fact is that we could end this war in a matter of weeks instead of years if we would simply draw the millions of Iraqi citizens over to the side of the new Iraqi government. How do we do that? We simply need to deal with the Iraqi citizenry in a currency that they understand.

For the past several decades the Iraqi people have been ruled by fear. Although such a system is barbaric by Western standards, it certainly kept people in line. The Iraqi citizens still live in fear of these evil death squads.

The solution, therefore, is to make it a crime — punishable by death — to not report the activities and whereabouts of these so called "insurgents" or murderers. Many may say that that sounds too barbaric. But if we started killing Iraqis for supporting the insurgents with their silence, we would be able to kill every insurgent within a few weeks.

Robert Higginson