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Huntsman right on reform

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The article "Huntsman's action called 'arrogance' " in the Friday edition of the Deseret Morning News underscores the need for Gov. Jon Huntsman Jr.'s economic reforms. The political doublespeak of "wanting to work with (the) Huntsman (administration)" so long as the administration maintains the Board of Business and Economic Development's status quo underscores the real arrogance of political appointees like board vice chairman Dell Loy Hansen.

It is disingenuous of Hansen to use such a politically loaded term as "regime" to describe the Huntsman administration. Use of epithet and cliche is a typical device used by underperformers seeking to avoid scrutiny.

Many states project economic expansion and increased job creation, yet Utah projects decreases. Huntsman's evaluation and reshaping of the state's business and economic development plans are in order.

In private sector language, state CEO Huntsman is calling for reorganization. The state's shareholders (the electorate) voted for reorgan-ization, vision and change. Huntsman is sending a message to public-sector appointees to adopt a private-sector mindset.

Kip Meacham