A bill to give limited health and property inheritance benefits to those who can't legally marry moved out of the Senate Health and Human Services Committee without debate Friday.

Sen. Greg Bell, R-Fruit Heights, said SB89 falls within the purview of Amendment 3 because it's not based on a sexual relationship. The amendment, which took effect Jan. 1, prevents Utah from recognizing same-sex marriages or other similar relationships, such as civil unions.

"Our hope is to help our citizens trying to deal with their affairs, as they have been, on a non-traditional basis," Bell said.

The bill would create a "mutual dependence benefits contract," which would grant the rights of organ donation decisions, surgical authorization/informed consent, hospital visitation and joint tenancy on property acquired while under the contract, Bell said.

Jane Marquardt, board chairwoman of the gay rights advocacy group Equality Utah, said the bill would give people a way to protect themselves for $20. Individually, she said the legal contracts covered would cost $500 to $3,000, she said.

Bell said he expects a debate when the bill moves to the full Senate.