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Natural-gas vehicles practical

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The AP article "'Alt-fuel' use ebbing," (Jan. 18) may have led your readers to conclude that alternative-fuel vehicles (AFVs), specifically natural gas-powered ones (NGVs), are hard to find and even harder to fuel. Here in Utah, at least, nothing could be further from the truth.

Contrary to one claim in the article, you can, in fact, walk into a Honda showroom and buy an NGV Honda Civic. (Ken Garff Honda downtown will be happy to take your order if they don't already have one on their lot.) And, despite the assertion of an automaker representative that "we can't build the (natural gas) fueling infrastructure," in Utah, we don't have to. It's already here. Utah is second in the nation only to California in the number of public natural gas refueling stations. There are more than 20 public fueling sites between St. George and Logan.

The article was correct on at least two points: NGVs are better for the environment and cost less to drive.

Gasoline/electric hybrid vehicles may be eclipsing AFVs, as the article claims. But here in Utah, it's not because drivers don't have a cleaner and more economical transportation option.

Steve Chapman

senior communication coordinator

Questar Corp.

Salt Lake City