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Charging officer is unjust

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I am outraged at District Attorney David Yocom, who decided to bring Granite police officer Todd Rasmussen up on charges of aggravated assault for simply defending himself.

I imagine it must be very easy for a person who goes to work in a cushy office to decide that officer Rasmussen acted illegally.

Officer Rasmussen had to make a life-and-death decision in a fraction of a second, while Yocom and his assistants have had three and a half months to pick his decision apart. What precedent does this set for police officers and felons in the state of Utah? Yocom's office has just given criminals an open invitation to attack police officers.

It's a sad statement that many child sex offenders are released after less than five years on plea agreements, but a police officer who has dedicated his life to protecting citizens for 25 years now faces a possible 15 years in prison.

Carl Wimmer