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Opinion on immigrants is faulty

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I guess I have been around too long and become too cynical when it comes to statements like "responsible" tax reform and "responsible" immigration reform (Our Opinion, Jan. 1). It is especially troublesome when the problem is blamed on those agents serving at the border and enforcing immigration within the country. They are criticized for doing their job. It has to be discouraging to work where success is failure and failure is success (George Orwell). Their political and bureaucratic bosses do not want them to succeed.

Due to years of non-enforcement, we now find ourselves near immigration anarchy. If shoplifting were treated the same way, we would need new laws about "responsible" shopping reform. When the laws are enforced, employers we will be able to manage our immigration problems. Your opinion on our need for cheap labor sounds like an 1855 opinion of the Atlantic Journal justifying slavery in the South.

Gaylan Stewart