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Pioneers had zoning vision

I read Brady Snyder and Sara Israelsen's "Zoning fight" article (Oct. 22) with dismay. It enforces my views that Utah has lost its original vision.

Brigham Young and his group were probably the area's biggest land speculators, but they had a vision for the area. They translated that vision into some great communities. This article points out that we have lost our original vision due to greed. Our communities are being planned (if at all) for profit of the landowner and developers instead of needs. How do we get back on track? Do our leaders need a history lesson?

Take a look at our area's original "zoning" code, the City of Zion plat. It clearly creates a format for a sustainable, functional community. Yes, we are no longer an agrarian community, but the basics still apply. A planned community has a limit in size, and it is planned for the needs of the community, not the wallets of the landowners and developers.

Steve Blackham

Salt Lake City