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Gravel pit reporting biased

Once again I am appalled and frustrated by the biased reporting of the Deseret Morning News in the controversy over Sandy's gravel pit. On Sunday, Kersten Swinyard mentioned the opposition organization, Save Our Community, five times as she explained their basis of opposition to Quarry Bend (the name of the proposed development).

But she never mentioned once the community organization called Friends of Quarry Bend, which is made up of citizens — like me — who are in favor of what the developer and property owner want to put in the gravel pit. We, too, are Sandy citizens and are pleased with the foresight, planning and sensitivity shown by the developers and our elected officials.

SOC seems to sing the one-note tune "Big Boxes are Bad" without informing the public that these two large retailers are only part of the planned development. We have educated ourselves about the whole story and are pleased with the benefits the development will have.

It appears objective journalism is a thing of the past. I am disappointed the Deseret Morning News allows itself to sink to these lower standards. I urge all Sandy residents of voting age to educate themselves about the "real" facts.

Lance A. Andrewsen