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Stewart's 'Apprentice' not eclipsing Trump's as hoped

Donald Trump and Martha Stewart
Donald Trump and Martha Stewart
Virginia Sherwood, Associated Press

Before her version of "The Apprentice" began, Martha Stewart thought she was saying "you're fired" to Donald Trump.

While "The Apprentice: Martha Stewart" hasn't done well in the ratings, Stewart initially had much higher hopes — even that her NBC show would eclipse Trump's original.

"I thought I was replacing The Donald," Stewart says in the Nov. 14 issue of Fortune magazine, on newsstands Nov. 7. "It was even discussed that I would be firing The Donald on the first show."

Instead, Trump remained for a fourth season, and he has recently suggested that his show has been diminished by Stewart's. Trump's "Apprentice" has been averaging around 10 million viewers a week, down 4 million from last season. Stewart's "Apprentice" is drawing closer to 7 million viewers.