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Questions to ask your moving company

Ask for complete disclosure of expenses you might incur during your move. Ask if the company charges extra for particular kinds of furniture, for navigating stairs, for the distance they drive. Ask if the company charges by the piece, or by the hour, if it has a minimum charge and how customers are charged after the minimum is met. Be wary of companies that only accept cash or that do not accept cash at all.

Ask about the workers who will be performing the move. Inquire if they are bonded, if their work is insured and what that insurance covers. Ask if workers are full-time employees or temporary/day labor workers.

Ask what your responsibilities will be on the day of the move. Find out if you are responsible to provide any supplies, or if there are items the company will not move. Make sure to get contact information, in case there are problems or questions.

Source: Two Men and a Truck