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New stake presidents

Lausanne Switzerland Stake, which includes the Besancon and Bienne branches, and the Dijon, Lausanne, Neushatel, Renens and Yverdon-les-Bains wards, has been created by Elder Dieter F. Uchtdorf of the Quorum of the Twelve.

New Stake

LAUSANE SWITZERLAND STAKE: (Aug. 28, 2005) Created from the Lyon France and the Geneva Switzerland Stakes. President Bernard Samuel Ochs, 59, technical counselor; wife, Maria Luisa Ochs. Counselors — Allen John Morrison, 47, professor of global management; wife, Angela Dee Morrison. Franco Vigliotti, 35, scientific counselor; wife, Emily Helene Vigliotti.

New Stake

ASHEVILLE NORTH CAROLINA STAKE: (Oct. 23, 2005) President — Wallace William Booth III, 53, manager of product pricing at GE Lighting Systems; succeeding James Brent Arnold; wife, Roberta LaWron D'avingnon Booth. Counselors — Grant Ricardo Hardy, 44, history professor at the University of North Carolina, Asheville; wife, Heather Elizabeth Nielsen Hardy. Dale Allen Curriden, 36, attorney at Van Winkle Law Firm; wife, Kristen Elizabeth Curriden.

CORPUS CHRISTI TEXAS STAKE: (Oct. 23, 2005) President — Arch Ratliff Jr., 63, manager at Portofino; succeeding Thomas Bryan Grande; wife, Norma Jean Escajeda Ratliff. Counselors — Derrick Edmund Parker, 39, administrator and vice president at Driscoll Children's Hospital; wife, Julie Means Parker. Alan Dale Hansen II, 34, assistant professor at Texas A&M University; wife, Michelle Nicole Sallee Hansen.

GENEVA SWITZERLAND STAKE: (Aug. 28, 2005) President — Pierre Richard Bonny, 54, self-employed; succeeding Eric Andre Perrier; wife, Nelli Bonny. Counselors — Patrick Gilbert Allenbach, 42, investment banker for Pictet & Cie.; wife, Dagmar Lehmann Allenbach. Mathew Richard Bryan, 44, director of the legal division of patents at World Intellectual Property Organization; wife, Allison Holsinger Bryan.

HANFORD CALIFORNIA STAKE: (Oct. 23, 2005) President — Richard McMurtrey Evans , 49, operations manager at Harris Woolf Almonds; succeeding Terry Wayne Johnston; wife, Deone Elaine Jenkins Evans. Counselors — Paul Dennis Thompson, 57, principal agent for James G. Parker Insurance Association; wife, Debra Archibald Thompson. Rex D. Buchanan, 53, controller at Ito Packing Co., Inc.; wife, Terry Lynn Dutey Buchanan.

LAS VEGAS NEVADA SANDSTONE STAKE: (Oct. 23, 2005) President — Allyn David Schlauder, 51, president of Source 4 Industries; succeeding Henry Helaman Rawlings, Jr.; wife, Linda Colleen Huntington Schlauder. Counselors — Robert Gordello Worthen, 39, president and owner at Adventure Charters; wife, Janet Elaine Johnson Worthen. Dodd Dale Hyer, 50, anesthesiologist; wife, Zan Dee Peterson Hyer.