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Granite caves into pressure

I am appalled by the decisions being made by the Granite School Board. Three years and unknown resources have been spent to find the best solution to 8,700 empty seats in the district. The District Options Committee gave objective recommendations to free up much-needed funds. But in the end public pressure prevailed.

The facts strongly support the closing of one high school, one junior high and three elementary schools. We would save $3 million annually and have $23 million from one-time property sales.

In the past three years, the district has had to reduce teacher health-care benefits, increase class size by 1.5 students, eliminate the elementary music program and eliminate media specialists in school libraries. The decisions made by the Granite School Board to keep the status quo did not respond to the problems or meet the true needs of students and taxpayers. Students are educated by teachers with resources, not by bricks and mortar.

Deborah Henderson Lin