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Local births

Lakeview Hospital -

AIONO, Felicia and Levi, North Salt Lake, boy, Oct. 17

BANGERTER, Sarah and Dustin, Centerville, boy, Oct. 28

BENNETT, Patricia and Larry, Layton, girl, Oct. 17

BURTON, Tammy and Dustin, Bountiful, girl, Oct. 26

DAVIS, Kari and Timothy, North Salt Lake, boy, Oct. 19

EBERSOLE, Krystle and Kevin, North Salt Lake, boy, Oct. 13

GESS, Veronica and Benjamin, Bountiful, girl, Oct. 21

GONSEY, Marisa and Richard, Bountiful, girl, Oct. 3

HARDING, Shelly and Chris, Bountiful, girl, Oct. 28

HEIMULI, Deborah and Siosifa, West Valley, boy, Oct. 17

JONES, Robin and Leland, Bountiful, girl, Oct. 6

KERR, Stefanie and Jeremy, Bountiful, boy, Oct. 21

LIFFERTH, Alisha and Jon, Kaysville, boy, Oct. 2

LITTLEFORD, Jackie and Mike, West Jordan, girl, Oct. 28

LOPEZ, Maria and PALMER, Colman, Woods Cross, girl, Oct. 10

PACKER, Tiffany and James, Layton, boy, Oct. 1

RECTOR, Donna and REESE, Tyler, Bountiful, girl, Oct. 26

SIDES, Crystal and Monte, Grantsville, girl, Oct. 31

STOUT, Kathleen and Jason, Bountiful, girl, Oct. 12

TAYLOR, Jennifer and SIMPSON, Sanjay, North Salt Lake, boy, Oct. 14

VANNOY, Leslie and CASE, Tim, Bountiful, boy, Oct. 21

WELCH, Mica and Corey, North Salt Lake, girl, Oct. 5

WEST, Rebeca and Tyler, Syracuse, boy, Oct. 24

YOUNGBERG, Jodie and Ross, Bountiful, girl, Oct. 24