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Provo kidnap case leads to 4 arrests

Provo police arrested four people Saturday after they were accused of holding two men hostage and threatening to kill them.

Between 4 and 4:30 a.m., the two men went to a house near 900 W. 1200 North for an undisclosed reason.

"They wouldn't say why they showed up," Provo Police Lt. Jerry Harper said.

One of the men apparently owed money from a previous drug deal to one of the occupants of the house, Harper said. The man did not have the money with him, so the four occupants in the house allegedly held the two men at knife-point, he said.

The man who allegedly owed the money was hit several times in the face and cut with a knife on his upper forearm, Harper said. The group allegedly told the man they would kill him, he said.

The group allegedly took money from the second man and then eventually let him leave. But they threatened to kill him and his family if he told anybody what had happened, Harper said.

Later, the first man, fearing for his life, convinced his abductors that he had other "property" stored at another location and that he would give it to them, Harper said. Two people went with the man to that location, Harper said.

Once there, the man told another person in Spanish to call police.

The abductors apparently did not speak Spanish but got a bad feeling about what was happening and ran off, Harper said.

Investigators spent most of Saturday afternoon rounding up the four people accused in the abduction.

Two men and two women, ranging from 22 to 34 years old, were booked into the Utah County Jail for investigation of a variety of counts including conspiracy to commit aggravated murder, aggravated kidnapping, aggravated assault, extortion, evidence tampering, making terroristic threats and obstruction of justice.

The man who was cut did not suffer serious injuries, according to police.